4 Tips For The EMS Professional

Below are some tips to help us throughout our careers: whether you’re an EMR, EMT, or Paramedic.

1- Grow Skills:

Constant learning is critical to being an EMS Professional. We are masters of our craft – able to adapt to any situation in the field – to communicate effectively with patients, colleagues, and civilians. Life and death situations are dealt with on a daily basis, therefore, skills such as emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, and inner stillness are imperative.

2- Control Ourselves:

An EMS Professional deals with death, trauma, and unimaginable stress on a daily basis. As a human being, this is hard to deal with. While working, keeping calm and steady keeps us clear-minded – allowing us to effectively deal with injuries.

For example, during a night shift, you and your partner encounter a patient who has overdosed in a park. Their pulse is weak with raspy respirations. If you are overwhelmed with the situation, it will become impossible to rescue the patient … while freaking out. An experienced paramedic, on the other hand, has practiced scenarios like this and will promptly administer narcan – without hesitation.

3- Listen:

Nobody becomes a master in anything overnight. It’s a good idea to alot time to improve our listening skills. Let’s read books and listen to podcasts. Through conscientious deep work, we’ll become knowledgeable and prepared to deal with even the most unexpected situations.

4- Acclimate:

Professionalism is a universal trait for anyone with a job. As a paramedic, we’re required to deal with revolting situations. We will see more blood, urine, and stool than most people do in their lives. To effectively administer proper care, while remaining calm and courteous, practice these scenarios. Take as many shifts as possible. Exposure = Experience.

Final Word


When someone thinks of the phrase, “Call 911!”, the first image that pops into mind is a professional Paramedic skillfully treating a victim in dire need. That’s easier said than done. But, with these four tips, We are ready to take one step forward toward EMS mastery.