Becoming An Authorized Distributor

Pick the Parntership That Fits Your Needs:

Endure offers partners the ability to enroll as either

1. An Authorized Distributor or 2. Sales Partner.

Collectively, these programs allow offer medical suppliers the ability to cater directly to their respective markets. As an Authorized Distributor you can leverage significant cost savings by purchasing in bulk quantities to offer Credentialed partners have the ability to avoid sizable initial costs by electing to sign up as a Sales Partner.

Our special offers to distributors

Benefits: Consistent Quality at Affordable Prices

A Full Catalog of Products - As an authorized distributor, you would gain access to the majority of products that Endure currently manufactures for sale in the United States. The specifications for each medical device have been carefully calibrated and designed using feedback from practitioners in the field. So you can always be sure that you're offering your customers the best quality. The Best Pricing Available - We understand that your clients are always searching for ways to save money on products and services. Authorized Distributors are able to unlock significant savings by working with Endure.

Flexibility in Distribution:

Companies are offered the flexibility to design a distribution regimen that meets their needs. We understand that each market is different and poses its own challenges. Our staff will work with you to help market and advertise Endure products to potential healthcare providers in your region. Currently we offer three separate programs (Authorized Distribution, Sales Partnerships, and Marketing Partnerships). For more information, please contact us.