Endure Industries is a medical device manufacturing and distribution company in Upstate New York. Providing the best solution for medical devices made with cutting-edge technology, and meeting international standards US-FDA, our portfolio is constantly growing following the growing demands of today's market.

We do things rather differently here ! we are not shy about what we can offer. Our goal is to provide you with a degree of transparency in pricing that has been relatively non-existent in the healthcare sourcing landscape. With greater transparency comes lower costs and greater predictability of savings for you and your patients

"We Believe Transparency Builds Trust"

Our vision

To meet all your medical supply needs and provide you with the best customer service in the market, not only for the Unites States of America, but also reaching further afield to neighboring countries and hopefully worldwide.


Endure Industries defines the success of the company by its people. Our company works closely with medical care professionals in assessing their needs and meeting their demands. All our products pass rigorous tests and compliance criteria before they are introduced to the medical market. Our team consists of industry experts, and is multicultural, full of personalities and passion, and bend on pursuing the same goal of delivering quality work.

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Our Partnerships

We are so proud of our partnership with Pandion Optimization Alliance, one of the most trusted group purchasing organizations (GPO) focused on healthcare.

Being a Pandion member will allow you to unlock additional savings and receive free shipping on all your orders.

We also trust in our ability in making a tremendous difference for Pandion members by working along with physician groups and hospital purchasing departments to improve the way they deliver care to their patients.

Supplier diversity

Endure Industries, is a medical device company owned by minority and women group. Our company recognizes that having a diverse supplier base is a major competitive advantage and a powerful business tool that allows us to better understand our customers needs and leverage new ideas that add value to our services and our businesses and provide innovative solutions to our manufacturing, marketing, research and development efforts.

Our mission is to proactively identify, build relationships and provide the best quality products and fastest services to medical suppliers as well as hospitals, medical clinics, day surgery centers, nursing homes and much more. Our ongoing relationships with diverse suppliers are imperative to reach out to more and more new clients in the medical field.

Our businesses

We believe that specialty products are worth a subsidiary website

Check out our WeSuture website !