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Why Trust Endure?

As a Physician Owned and Operated Medical Device company, we only design and manufacture products that meet the highest levels of clinical acceptability standards. We only offer products we would trust with our own families.

    148 products
    Adult Urine Bag, (2000 ml - 5 Pack / 10 per Box)
    from $8.55
    Altape, Cloth Adhesive Tape
    from $4.46
    Altape, High Strength Cloth Tape
    Altape, Paper Tape, (Tan)
    from $4.73
    Altape, Paper Tape, (White)
    from $3.15
    Altape, Plastic Tape, (Occlusive)
    Altape, Plastic Tape, (Perforated)
    Altape, Premium Soft Cloth Tape
    from $12.50
    Altape, Silicone Gentle Removal Tape
    from $12.60
    Sold Out
    Altape, Soft Cloth Tape
    from $7.50
    Sold Out
    Aluminum Nasal Splints, (10 per Box)
    Anesthesia Mask with Filter
    Breathing Bags
    from $2.00
    Breathing Filters
    from $1.50
    Breathing Kit Connectors
    from $58.80
    Bulb Irrigation Syringe, (Sterile - 5 per Box)
    Butterfly Needles, Box 100, (Standard Blood Collection Set)
    Butterfly Needles, Box of 50, With Holder (Safety Blood Collection Set)
    CareTape, Microporous Paper Tape, (Tan)
    from $3.68
    CareTape, Microporous Paper Tape, (White)
    from $5.04
    CareTape, Silk Tape
    from $5.25
    CareTape, Transparent PE Tape
    from $4.20
    CareTape, Zinc Oxide Cloth Tape
    from $10.50
    Sold Out
    Catheter Mount, (100 per Box)
    from $90.32
    Cautery Blades (Standard Blade Electrode), (10 per Box)
    from $13.00
    Clean Safety Superb Blue Nitrile Examination Gloves, (100 per Box, 10 Boxes per Case)
    from $5.80
    Closed Suction Catheter, 24" Tubing (10 per Box)
    from $66.00
    Sold Out
    Coaxial Adult Breathing Kit, (Standard - 20 per Case)
    from $205.00
    Sold Out
    Corrugated Breathing Circuits, (50 per Box)
    from $112.88
    Cotton Tipped Wooden Applicator 6", (Non-Sterile - 100 per Box)
    Sold Out
    Covid-19 Breathing Circuit Kits, (2 Filters - 20 per Case)
    CPR Mask with Vinyl Gloves, Alcohol Prep Pads
    from $3.75
    Cuffed Endotracheal Tube with Stylet
    from $3.00
    Custom 71” Pediatric Expandable Breathing Circuit Kit, (Individual)
    from $5.00
    Custom Adult Expandable Breathing Circuit Kits, (20 per Case)
    from $118.00
    Digital Tourniquets (20 per Box)
    Disposable BVM Resuscitator, PVC type (Bag, Valve, Mask)
    Disposable Silicone Resuscitator
    Disposable Surgical Scalpel, (10 per Box)
    Disposable Vaginal Speculum, (25 per Box)