Anesthesia & Airway

Anesthesia & Airway

33 products


  • Expandable, Corrugated, and Coaxial Circuits
  • Reinforced Corrugated
  • Catheter Mount
  • and more
  • Bacterial-Viral Filter
  • HMEF Filter
  • Tracheostomy Filter
  • K-Resin HMEF Filter
  • and more
  • Soft-Touch Anesthesia Mask
  • Comfort-Touch Anesthesia Mask
  • Matte-Finish Breathing Bag
  • and more
  • Standard Adult 94" Expandable Breathing Circuit Kits
  • Custom Adult & Pediatric Expandable Breathing Circuit Kits
  • and more

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Endure offers a comprehensive high quality source for all your anesthesia needs. When you partner with Endure, we help you to customize your breathing circuit kit to meet your specific needs. We pride in producing less PVC and sometimes even no PVC products, which reduce plastic waste.

  • Customer service to optimize the kit you need.
  • Light weight breathing circuit allows for easy handling.
  • Less plastic.

        33 products
        Endure Industries | Oropharyngeal Airway
        Oropharyngeal Airways, Guedel
        from $6.99
        Covid-19 Breathing Circuit Kits, (2 Filters - 20 per Case)
        Endure Industries | Endotracheal Tube
        Endotracheal Tube, (Standard - 10 per Box)
        from $1.80 Regular price $12.90 Save $11.10
        Elongated Oxygen Mask and Tubing
        from $3.00
        Breathing Filters
        from $1.09
        Soft Touch Anesthesia Mask
        from $1.50
        Endure ETCO2 Nasal Sampling Cannulas
        from $9.99
        Endure Industries | Preformed Endotracheal Tube
        Endotracheal Tubes, (Preformed - 10 per Box)
        from $12.08
        Endotracheal Tube with Stylet
        from $1.75
        Nasopharyngeal Airway, (PVC)
        from $2.46
        Sold Out
        Endure Industries | Endotracheal Stylet
        Endotracheal Intubating Stylet, (20 per Box)
        from $14.70
        Standard Adult 94” Expandable Breathing Circuit Kit, 1 HMEF
        Expandable Breathing Circuits
        from $1.98
        Feather Touch Nasal Oxygen Cannula, Straight / Curved Prong
        from $7.00
        Breathing Bags
        from $2.00
        Non-Rebreathing Oxygen Mask
        from $1.45 Regular price $1.89 Save $0.44
        Endotracheal Tube - Reinforced, Cuffed
        from $3.99
        Sold Out
        CPR Mask
        Oxygen Venturi Mask
        from $4.70
        Sold Out
        Endotracheal Tube, (Preformed - Individual)
        Sold Out
        HEPA Filter - Pall Utipor 25 Filter with Monitoring Port
        Disposable Silicone Resuscitator
        Disposable PVC Resuscitator
        Endure Disposable Medical Bite Block for Endoscopy
        from $22.00
        Oropharyngeal Airways, Berman
        from $7.60
        ETCO2 Nasal Sampling Cannulas and Bite Block
        from $40.00
        Oral Nasal Cannula, (10 per Box)
        Sold Out
        Custom 71” Pediatric Expandable Breathing Circuit Kit, (Individual)
        from $5.00
        Sold Out
        Breathing Kit Connectors
        from $58.80
        Sold Out
        Expandable Circuit Rolls and Circuit Extensions
        Sold Out
        Heated Dual-Limb Circuits & Humidification Chamber
        Gas Sampling Line
        from $19.00
        Sold Out
        Catheter Mount, (100 per Box)
        from $90.32