Heated Dual-Limb Circuits & Humidification Chamber

Endure Industries

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These systems are designed to mimic internal body conditions during inhalation of gases by controlling or ideal temperature and humidification constraints. The dual limb circuits work alongside Endure's auto-feed humidification chambers for optimal ventilation and high-flow oxygen procedures. Generally, natural ventilation assists in clearance of mucociliary passages by creating a humidification gradient during the inhalation and exhalation of gases. These circuits create a similar, optimal mechanical environment for patients utilizing ventilation systems.

Note: All circuits featured above come with a CO2 GSL. Some of the circuits and kits may have an initial lead time.


  • Suitable for use on single patient for up to 10 days.
  • Designed with DEHP-free PVC. Humidification chamber (300 ml) designed to mimic optimal environment for airway passages.
  • Offered in both straight wire and spiral wire heating coils for flexibility of use.

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