CareTape, Silk Tape

CareTape, Silk Tape
CareTape, Silk Tape
CareTape, Silk Tape

CareTape, Silk Tape

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Product should only be used under medical professional guidance

Endure Silk Tapes are carefully designed with non-woven, acetate fabric to cause minimal irritation during use. They are an ideal choice for fixing dressing and light ducts during surgery. The tapes are inlaid with microscopic holes that allow for breathability and comfort. 

General Properties:

  • Hypoallergenic coating with medical hot-melt adhesion glue
  • Breathable, non-woven material
  • Sensitive application and easy removal (without residue glue)
  • Provides great adhesion for clinical use
  • Easy to tear and secure safely
  • Permeable to moisture

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