Altape, Plastic Tape, (Occlusive)

Altape, Plastic Tape, (Occlusive)
Altape, Plastic Tape, (Occlusive)

Altape, Plastic Tape, (Occlusive)

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Product should only be used under medical professional guidance

Endure Occlusive Transparent Plastic Tape (Occlusive PE) is designed for use in a variety of general-purpose applications. It provides excellent adhesion and offers flexibility to reposition the tape on both skin surfaces and device objects during use. The tape is made up of a transparent, flexible plastic that is easy to tear and maneuver. It conforms well to uneven skin surfaces.


  • Perfect for several general-purpose applications
  • Offers excellent adhesion and flexibility during use
  • Conforms well to uneven skin surfaces
  • Useful for securing both bandages and devices

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