Endure Cloth Adhesive Tape

Endure Industries


Endure Cloth Adhesive Tapes are carefully designed to cause minimal irritation during use. They are made out of hypoallergenic cloth tape with a silk texture. The tapes are inlaid with microscopic holes that allow for breathability and comfort. Easy tearing, high strength and excellent adhesion characteristics make it perfect for use in securing dressings and immobilization. 

General Properties:

  • High adhesion and easy securing
  • Perforated material allows for breathability
  • Hypoallergenic Tape, Silk Texture
  • Useful for immobilization and securing heavy dressings

Comparable to 3M Durapore – However, Endure Cloth Adhesive Tapes also continues to provide good adhesion on skin even with the added presence of some bodily secretions.

Packaging Details:

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