Altape, Silicone Gentle Removal Tape

Endure Industries


The Endure Silicone Gentle Removal Tape is designed with both comfort and ease of use in mind. It can be gently removed without adversely affecting the patient or leaving excessive residue on the skin. It provides a strong, but comfortable adhesion and can be easily repositioned during use. The tapes are created to be hypoallergenic and utilize a silicone adhesive that allows for effective securement and gentle removal. Endure Silicone Gentle Removal Tapes is a reliable option for sensitive skin.

General Properties:

  • Uniquely crafted for Sensitive Skin
  • Provides a caring, comfortable adhesion during application
  • Allows for Gentle Removal so as not to aggravate delicate skin
  • Leaves minimal residue on skin surfaces
  • Optimal for securement

Packaging Details:

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