Nasal Packing - Epistaxis Type, (10 per Box)

SKU: NES158-10
Nasal Packing - Epistaxis Type, (10 per Box)
Nasal Packing - Epistaxis Type, (10 per Box)

Nasal Packing - Epistaxis Type, (10 per Box)

SKU: NES158-10
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Endure winged blood collection sets are designed by Physicians and Healthcare Providers to offer a safe and secure mechanism to draw blood during venipuncture. 

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Endure Nasal Packing is specially crafted to be the standard in the market. The Epistaxis Nasal Packs are used in treatment of anterior and posterior nose bleeding. The soft round edges create less friction and reduce irritation during nasal package insertion. The epistaxis packs expand to gently compress and effectively stop nose bleeding.

  • Designed to treat serious nosebleeds after surgery
  • Softness reduces irritation
  • Quick and uniform expansion
  • Lint and fiber-free
  • Sterilized by gamma radiation
  • Packaged in cleanroom facilities
  • With String

PackagingBox of 10

Available Size: 100 x 20 x 15 mm

Material Composition

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Company Name Product Name Unit of Sale Retail Price Price per Item
Endure Industries Endure Nasal Packing 10 /box $ 26.95 $ 2.70
Endure Industries Sinus Nasal Packing 10 /box $ 41.65 $ 4.17
Serfinity First Aid Ivalon Nasal Packing Polyvinyl Acetate (PVAc) 10 /box $ 85.99 $ 8.60
The Betty Mills Company First Aid Nasal Packing Ivalon Polyvinyl Acetate (PVAc) Non-impregnated 10 /box $ 85.50 $ 8.55
Medjestic Medical Dressing Nasal 8x1.5x3cm 10 /box $ 101.99 $ 10.20
MedicalE Shop First Aid Bandage Q602310 - Epistaxis Packing LG 10 /box $ 133.17 $ 13.32

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