Pulse Oximeter

Endure Industries


High quality OLED Red finger fingertip pulse Oximeter


Device Dimension  73mm(L)*37MM(W)*38cm(D) PM-500C
Weight  approx:55±2g , (Including 2*AAA battery)
Anti-electric Shock Type Internally powered equipment
Anti-electric Shock Degree Type BF equipment
EMC Type B
Mode of operation Continuous Operation
Internal  2xAAA 1.5v aIkaline battery
Power Consumption Smaller than 30mA(Normal)
Operating  Temperature 5°C to 40°C
Storage Temperature  10°C to 50°C
Air pressure 86Kpa-106Kpa
Relative Humidity 15% to 80% non-condensing
Hemoglobin Saturation display 35-100% 
Pulse rate Display 30-250 BPM
Resolution Hemoglobin Saturation 1%
Resolution Pulse rate 1 BPM

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