3 Sports For Life

Let’s face it – you’re not going to be playing tackle football in your eighties. Your body, no matter how fit it is, will not be able to handle the pressure from such an intense sport. How many senior citizens have you seen playing football? Not many. However, there are three sports that you can play well into old age. These sports are swimming, ping pong, and tennis.

1- Swimming:

Swimming is a skill that many of our parents teach us at a young age. It forces us to stay afloat in an unfamiliar environment. A major health benefit of swimming is cardiovascular efficiency. Your body must be able to take in oxygen and dispel carbon dioxide quickly while swimming in cold waters. Over time, your lungs will become healthier.

As such, swimmers are known for their enormous lung capacity and endurance. A person well in their old age can swim since it is a low impact sport. Cardiovascular health is one of the best predictors of a long life. If you want some more excitement, the next sport is right up your alley.

2- Ping pong:

Ping pong is known for its demand for a quick reaction time. You must be able to react quickly to a tiny, bouncy, ball within milliseconds. Furthermore, this sport tests your full body coordination. Your hands switch from backhand to forehand. Your feet and legs position themselves in the best position to hit the ball. This sport is simple, easy to learn, and fun. Ping pong tables are found in places ranging from college dorms to senior living centers. It’ll allow you to make friends for life by having a fun, stimulating time. If you’re up for a harder version, allow me to introduce you to the sport of tennis.

3- Tennis:

A sport known to be suitable for all ages, tennis is truly a sport for life. It tests your coordination, endurance, and most importantly, teamwork skills. For instance, it requires an advanced whipping motion of the wrist to generate pace and topspin. Players must be able to use this motion effectively while also ensuring that the ball hits the sweet spot of the racket. In addition, there are countless skills to learn in tennis: serve, forehand, backhand, volley, slice, etc.

Tennis games are notorious for their long hours. There are no official time limits – the game is over when a player wins two sets. Deuces can go on indefinitely. To be able to win a game, a player must be calm and ready to fight to the end. Mental strength is crucial.

Doubles in tennis requires players to coordinate their movements and strategies. For example, they must know when to approach the net together or when to rotate around the court. This sport will allow you to make friends wherever you go, increasing the probability that you’ll have enthusiastic, loyal comrades as you navigate the journey of life.

So there you have it: three sports that are sustainable and excellent activities to develop throughout life. Not only do they improve integral body processes, they will put you in situations that connect you to wonderful people around the world. So let’s get moving. Go outside and play these sports – you’ll have a blast!